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SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2009
August 8 + 9 Weekend
Roundhouse @ UNSW
$25 / $15 / $13

What are some of the fun things you can expect to see at SMASH! in 2009?

❖ Two international guest artists! Direct from the US, renowned artist Shaun Healey (Everafter) and from Hong Kong, professional illustrator Cuson Lo
❖ Hundreds of free Gundam model kits to build and take home in our Hobbyco Gundam workshop
❖ Our biggest Artist Circle yet, with over 50 local and interstate artists
❖ Cosplay competition, games and panels
Charity artbook auction with one-of-a-kind artworks from local & international illustrators
❖ Competitions including art, fan fiction, AMVs and more great prizes including Wacom tablets up for grabs!
❖ Karaoke, workshops, the ever popular Maid Cafe, and much more!

To catch all the fun of SMASH! 2009, and save a few bucks too, be sure to grab a Weekend Pass. Beat the queue and buy your tickets now at
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