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First, I want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding during our site's downtime, but we're now ready, and here we are! The new What The Fur? website is online and a go at http://whatthefur.ca
The first thing I feel should be officially announced is our theme
Pirates vs. Ninjas
The battle has been raging since time imemmorial (or since 2003, we're not too sure), and now we bring you the chance to decide! Are you more in line with the likes of Blackbeard? Your muzzle scarred and a cutlass at your side? Or are you invisible, silent, and deadly? Come from the far east?
Let me be the first to thank our two wonderful guests of honour for the inaugural year of What The Fur: Max BlackRabbit and gNAW. Both of these gentlemen have been busy in the fandom, both artists of high regard.
After much wringing of the wrists and head-desking, we've managed to secure our dates for the first full weekend of June, the 4th to the 6th. We're sorry for the change in dates from our previously anticipated 11 to 13th, but with the Formula 1 races having been undecided until now, we could not in good standing announce a date and then have to charge you an arm and a leg just to attend. 
We will be holding WTF at the wonderful Days Hotel, located in the heart of the downtown sector of Montreal. The hotel is within a few blocks of nearly all kinds of food, a short hop on the Metro (Montreal's subway system) from the picturesque Old Port, and 2 blocks from the historic rue Ste. Catherine, which sits over a network of underground malls called the Underground City.

More details on registration will be posted in the next two weeks.
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