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Vidcon 2010
July 16-18, 2010
Hilton Bayfront
St. Petersburg, FL

Vidcon is Florida's only con devoted to fanfiction in all it forms.

More information is available at the [community profile] vidcon community.
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The World's Largest Furry Convention
D. H. Lawrence Convention Center and Westin Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Thursday, July 2 through Sunday, July 5

Music, Gaming, Dances, Puppets, Authors, Costumers, Art, Artists

Guests of Honor:
Joe Harris (Underdog)
Ben Balistreri (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)
Bob Boyle (Yin Yang Yo!)

At-the-door Registration is $50 and covers the entire weekend.
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Satellite 2

When: July 25-26
Where: Glasgow, UK
LiveJournal: satellite_2

Satellite 2 is a two-day science fiction convention in Glasgow in July 2009. Guest of honour is Iain M. Banks, who will be reading from his forthcoming novel Transition (to be published in September). There will be panels, quizzes, games, a dealers' room, and an art show. One aspect of the con is celebrating 40 years since the first moon landing, so some of the programme items will have a lunar theme. The mixture of SF, science, fun and game and real ale is the same as with Satellite 1 — except there will be more of it.


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