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We are pleased to announce that registration for What The Fur 2013 is now officially open!

Our Early Bird registration rates will be available from now until November 31st. On December 1st, the prices will change. Visit our Registration Page for details, and for the link to register for the convention.

All memberships are available! Regular, Sponsor, our new Patron level (which includes a meal in the Tour de Ville restaurant), and even our extremely-limited Lifetime Membership levels are all open!

And Dealers, you can also now register for your tables! Don't delay on getting your tables as even though we have a larger dealers' den, it's aiming to fill up.

To register just go to register.whatthefur.ca

AND a bonus...
We're going out of our way to try and make 2013 the best possible convention you could attend. To that end, we've secured a deal!
For those of you planning to attend What The Fur, and who might consider taking the train within Canada, VIA Rail is happily offering you a discount on the travel for trips between May 14th and 21st! You just have to book your trips online using our code. Check our travel page for details.

Why take the train? Well, it's more comfortable than the bus, and the main Montreal train station is just three blocks from the hotel! No complicated in-city travel planning is needed!

What The Fur?: Fairy Tails
May 17-19 2013
Delta Centre Ville, Montreal

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